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after 6 pm & Saturday available for a surcharge

Closed on Sundays


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We refer to our employees as Concierges. A Concierge is someone whose job is to ensure client satisfaction. Our staff of walkers and trainers are committed to going above and beyond to give you peace of mind and an excellent experience. No matter the wants or needs, your dog and home are in good hands regardless of the request. Special food prep request? Done. Only bottled water? We gotcha. Wipe their paws with baby wipes? No problem. Open the shades? We love natural light! Insulin injection? We do those too!


Our initial meeting before service is to, first and foremost, make sure we are a good fit for one another. This will include our Service offerings, Service agreement, Client Profile, Pet Profile, and Policies. There is a one-time $30 fee. This fee will be applied to your account for future services or forfeited should you decide not to use The Doggie Concierge. Meet & Greets can be done in person or virtual and last roughly 30 minutes.


We schedule services one week at a time or Monday through Sunday. Clients who desire service on any given service week must input requests in the Scout App by Friday Midnight or 48 hours before the service week. Clients may book as far in advance as they like, but we require requests input a week at a time. Post Deadline, 24 Hour Notice, Same Day, and Emergency requests are based on staff availability and are not guaranteed.


PayPal or a major-label credit or debit card must be kept on file in our Scout system to book service. All completed services will auto charge to the payment method on file each Sunday evening.


Any appointment canceled within 24 hours of service is responsible for the full-service rate.


Our software system automatically attaches surcharges to appointments in each applicable scenario.  

  • 24-Hour Cancellation Fee = Service Rate
  • Post-Deadline Booking (Friday 11:59 pm) +$10 
  • Same Day Booking (after 6pm day before)  +$15   
  • After 6 pm and Saturdays +$4  
  • Additional Dog Different Household +$10  
  • Major Holiday +$25 
  • Apartment Key/Fob Service +$4



Clients may not modify appointment durations once approved after the Friday Midnight service week deadline. Before booking the service week, we encourage clients to check the weather channel for temperature and conditions. We cannot discount the full-service rate should an appointment be unable to complete indoors for any reason.


The client, not The Doggie Concierge, is responsible for filling out the Customer Notes section in the Scout App for each appointment. All requests and needs, such as feeding, medication or not to treat, etc., must be input here. The Doggie Concierge is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any missed requests or needs that were not explicitly input into the Customer Notes Section by the client. Please do not text, email, or call with appointment-specific requests and need updates. The Scout App is the best way to communicate to ensure the Concierge follows your requests and needs.


Training clients may only reschedule one session out of their three-session course. Clients who cancel twice automatically forfeit that session.


Due to the size of our staff, we don’t keep keys on file. We prefer garage codes, electronic key codes, realtor-style  lockboxes, and hide-a-keys. Each client using electronic entry is encouraged to have a secondary no-tech key option  in the event of a power outage, dead batteries, or even frigid temperatures.  

For clients who live in apartments, condos, or penthouses with property management (such as Crocker Park Living),  our preference is as follows:  

  1. Buzz your Concierge in via callbox. 
  2. Leave your door key in a discreet location (on top of number plate, etc.)  
  3. Leave your building entry fob on the counter.  
  4. The walker will return both the key and fob as they find them.  

Should our employees be required to check out a key/building fob, clients will receive a +$4 surcharge. We keep  schedules and routing tight, and key check out and return can easily add 10-20 minutes to an appointment. 


We utilize company-issued slip leads for all walks unless the dog has medical issues that prevent having tension  around the neck or pulling with such force that having pressure around the neck is not advised. In these cases, we will use company-issued Julius-K9 IDC Powerharnesses that we leave at the client’s residence to service the account. 

Slip leads are safe, ethical, and humane leash options preferred by trainers, veterinarians, and groomers. They are  fail-proof when used correctly, preventing equipment malfunction or escape. Employees are trained on properly  using them, keeping in line with our fear-free, force-free, pain-free, and positive reinforcement (R+) philosophy and  methods.  

We train each employee on properly using company-issued Julius-K9 IDC Powerharnesses, including sizing, fit, and  dog behavior troubleshooting while on walks to prevent malfunction or escape. Please note that the client is  financially responsible for replacing the harness and harness patches should they become lost or damaged. 


Hot Weather  

On the Weather Channel App, if the “Feel’s Like” temperature is 80° or higher for large breeds and 85° or higher for  small/medium breeds, we will spend 5-15 minutes outdoors and finish the appointment inside. Puppies under six  months, seniors, obese animals, brachycephalic breeds, and black coat breeds will be case by case between 75° –  80°. 

Cold Weather  

On the Weather Channel App, if the “Feel’s Like” temperature is 15° or below for large breeds and 25° or below for  small/medium breeds, we will spend 5-15 minutes outdoors and finish the appointment inside. Puppies under six  months, seniors, single coat breeds, or if wet slushy conditions are present, will be case by case between 20° – 30°.  Temperature exceptions will be made for cold weather breeds. 


We reserve the right for the health and safety of our employees to cancel, convert, or downgrade any appointment  in the event of inclement weather or hazardous conditions. This includes but is not limited to dangerous wind,  electrical storms, flooding, heavy snow with poor visibility, icy or unplowed roadways, icy and unplowed sidewalks, or  any scenario that may pose a significant health and safety risk to our staff. Clients are strongly encouraged to have a  nearby neighbor or family member who can check on the dog in an emergency.



If we cannot gain access to your residence through no fault of our own, be it a faulty lock, lockbox, garage door opener, blocked driveway, contractors, etc., the client is still responsible for the entire appointment rate. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you to gain alternative access; however, due to our appointment load may only sometimes be possible to reschedule on the same day.


For the safety of our staff and the public, we reserve the right to refuse service to aggressive animals. Regardless of  intent, we define aggressive behavior as threat or action displays, ranging from subtle lip lifts to growling, snapping,  lunging, and biting. 


Dogs with significant on-leash behavior and reactivity issues can make it impossible for our skilled staff to maintain control or safely walk the dog. Our staff Dog Trainer will assess your dog and make recommendations to continue service with The Doggie Concierge. Depending upon the issues, you may be asked to seek dog training or behavior modification to continue service.


We understand many clients and potential clients may seek help for behavior from one of the many balanced dog  trainers (P+/R+) in the area. Though we respect your decision, as a company, we will not utilize prong or e collars in  walking services regardless of the dog’s training. If your dog cannot walk sans corrective equipment, we cannot  provide service.


We decided early on to staff with employees in an industry of independent contractors. Because we come into contact with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and needs, we needed to be able to train and equip our staff fully. Each employee is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid and has completed several hours in the field alongside a Dog Trainer to learn valuable leash skills and understand and manage basic dog behavior. Beyond training, we vet each employee, background check them, and cover them with a dishonesty bond and liability insurance to give our clients ultimate peace of mind. We support our staff with real-time field support, from technical app help to dog behavior. Though faces may change, quality of care and client experience will not. That is our commitment to you.

- Mike, Owner of The Doggie Concierge