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after 6 pm & Saturday available for a surcharge

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Dog Walking

Weekday Dog Walking

When you can’t be there to walk your pup, let us help! Our dog walking services are loose leash in style and aim to get your dog moving. We believe a walk should be leisurely and enjoyable, providing mental stimulation and a chance to potty. Water refreshes and butt scratches included!

Durations Offered:

  • 20 Minute Dog Walk
  • 30 Minute Dog Walk

Available 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. After 6 pm, weekends and holidays are available for a surcharge.

Dog Walking West Cleveland

Our Dog Walking Services are perfect for… .

New Puppies

We keep the structure going when you can’t.

Pet Parents Working On-Site

We help break up your dog’s day home alone.

Pet Parents Working Remotely

We keep your dog out of the room while you Zoom.

Busy Pet Parents

We have an extra set of hands for your set of paws.

Benefits of Our Dog Walking Services

Increases a Dog's Physical Health

Physical activity is excellent for dogs of all needs. Many health issues in dogs can be prevented and even helped by regular exercise. A walk can help prevent obesity, strengthen their cardiovascular system, reduce digestive problems, and keep joints mobile.

Good for a Dog's Mental Health

Mental stimulation is a great boredom buster and can prevent nuisance behaviors by channeling energy into something good. Walks provide opportunities for sniffing around, which is essential to your dog’s mental health, keeping them alert, sharp, and motivated.

Helps to Prevent Accidents

Though most dogs can hold their business for 6-8 hours, hiring a dog walker helps decrease the wait. Less waiting to go significantly reduces your chances of coming home to an accident. Beyond being uncomfortable for your dog, holding urine too long can lead to urinary tract infections and other issues such as the formation of stones and crystals.

We Keep You Updated Post Walk

Our Scout App shows you the moments that matter giving you total peace of mind! After your service is complete, photos are uploaded and instantly available in the end of service report. The detailed map will show where your pup ventured for the day. Most importantly, you get the full rundown of the visit detailed in an end-of-service report card. We love Scout because it helps keep everyone in sync and accountable, and you will too!


We decided early on to staff with employees in an industry of independent contractors. Because we come into contact with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and needs, we needed to be able to train and equip our staff fully. Each employee is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid and has completed several hours in the field alongside a Dog Trainer to learn valuable leash skills and understand and manage basic dog behavior. Beyond training, we vet each employee, background check them, and cover them with a dishonesty bond and liability insurance to give our clients ultimate peace of mind. We support our staff with real-time field support, from technical app help to dog behavior. Though faces may change, quality of care and client experience will not. That is our commitment to you.

- Mike, Owner of The Doggie Concierge