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Dog Training

Companion Dog Training

Our aim at The Doggie Concierge is to turn your dog into a well-behaved family companion. We use proven science-driven, rewards-based, fear-free, force-free methods to help resolve puppy trouble, adult manner issues, frustrations, and nuisance behaviors. Best of all, we work with you in-home, where life happens!

Our issue-specific courses provide an easy-to-understand curriculum, measurable goals, and post-session support. Each course is one hour a week over three consecutive weeks to fit into even the busiest schedules. Learn how to be your dog’s trainers today!

The Doggie Concierge is a Positive Only Dog Training Company (P-/R+)

The 4 Pillars of Positive Training
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1. Use Positive Reinforcement.
2. Avoid the use of Intimidation, physical punishment, or fear.
3. Understand the misconceptions of Dominance Theory.
4. Learn About the Canine Experience from the Dog’s Point of View.

Dog Training

Current Course Offerings

puppy kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

under 6 mos. of age

Learn how to handle urgent puppy training issues, including safe socialization with people, puppy biting, house training, and chewing during your puppy’s first five months.

Basic Manners

Basic Manners 101

over 6 mos. of age

Learn how to get your dog’s attention, keep it, and the power of automatic behaviors. Commands covered: Look, Sit, Down, Follow, Targeting, and more.

Basic Manners

Basic Manners 102

Learn advanced concepts of basic manners through adding distance, duration, and distractions.
Redirecting Rowdy Behavior

Redirecting Rowdy Behavior 101

Learn how to redirect and substitute common nuisance behaviors such as jumping, stealing, crowding, and restlessness. This class includes an intro to the placing command.

Redirecting Rowdy Behavior

Redirecting Rowdy Behavior 102

Learn advanced concepts on redirecting and substituting common nuisance behaviors with distance, duration, and distractions. This class focuses heavily on the placing command.

polite leash walking

Polite Leash Walking

Teach your dog to walk nicely loose-leash. Learn commands such as Follow, Side Sit, Start, Stop, and Heel. Package Pricing Available

Coming When Called

Coming When Called

Learn how to get a “Reliable recall” from your pup. We’ll teach your dog to come when called.
structured dog walking

Structured Dog Walking

This is our pet parent hands-free dog walking course, where our trainers teach your dog how to walk politely on a leash. This course includes ten half-hour structured dog walking sessions.


We decided early on to staff with employees in an industry of independent contractors. Because we come into contact with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and needs, we needed to be able to train and equip our staff fully. Each employee is certified in Pet CPR & First Aid and has completed several hours in the field alongside a Dog Trainer to learn valuable leash skills and understand and manage basic dog behavior. Beyond training, we vet each employee, background check them, and cover them with a dishonesty bond and liability insurance to give our clients ultimate peace of mind. We support our staff with real-time field support, from technical app help to dog behavior. Though faces may change, quality of care and client experience will not. That is our commitment to you.

- Mike, Owner of The Doggie Concierge